Statue of the Gods

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The Statue of the Gods is an interactable object located in Stormshore Tabernacle in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate that grants a buff to Saving throws in exchange for a donation and a prayer.

This is one of five statues in the tabernacle, the other four being dedicated to Helm, Tyr, Selûne, and Mystra. The Statue of the Gods acts as a conduit to all the gods not covered by the other four statues.

Anointed in Splendour[edit | edit source]

At any of the statues in the tabernacle, players can make a one-time offering of at least 4500 gp (at lvl 11/12) worth of items or gold in exchange for Anointed in Splendour (Condition).

  • The total cumulative value of the offering depends on level and difficulty and is the same amount as needed to get a merchant to 100 Attribute points as seen in this article.
  • It is possible to go to Withers to respec to lvl 1 and only pay an offering of 400 gp.
  • This amount can be satisfied by donating gold or any number of items, and these offerings do not need to be made during the same visit.
  • Only the character making the offering receives the benefits of the buff.
  • This buff lasts until the next Long Rest but can also be refreshed for free each day by praying at the same altar.