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The Purged Palate, Midwinter Edition

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The Purged Palate, Midwinter Edition image

The Purged Palate, Midwinter Edition is a dwarven recipe book.

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A widely-printed series of dwarven recipes.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp
  • UID BOOK_GEN_Races_PurgedPalate1
    UUID b148c167-2073-4aec-99f5-c82b4953d543

Where to find


[A series of recipes, accompanied by anecdotes about the meals in question.]

This is a twist on the traditional dwarven eaglach stew. Those non-dwarven who can't translate that, don't bother - no point frightening yourselves. Just make sure that once you've burned the alcohol away, do not add the drider venom. Substitute it with some other sour - whatever agrees with your milky constitution.

As to how I discovered this one - back during my watchman days, a drow thief I caught spiked my supper. The look on his face when I quaffed it down was near as good as the stew!