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Tower-Shaped Key

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Tower-Shaped Key image

Tower-Shaped Key is a miscellaneous Story Item in Baldur's Gate 3.

Description Icon.png

An elaborate key, plated with silver.


Where to find

This key can be obtained from Mattis at the Last Light Inn. It can be either purchased, or Mattis can be convinced to give the player the key. If Mattis didn't survive Act 1 the key can be found in a bag behind a counter in the Inn.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This key opens the Keyholed Herald, a locked device that reveals a secret area in the Reithwin Mason's Guild once unlocked. The Keyholed Herald is located in the basement of the Mason's Guild X: 123 Y: -688, and requires a Perception check to spot.

Patch #1[edit | edit source]

AUGUST 25, 2023

  • Keys now cost 1 gold instead of 0.
  • Key cost 1000 gold if bought from Mattis at the Last Light Inn