Cursed Skull

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Cursed Skulls are found in the upper floors of Lady Jannath's Estate. They cast Thunderwave when a player character is nearby, making them difficult to evade. The skulls ignore Invisibility and similar effects.

Due to their vulnerability to bludgeoning damage, they are easy to destroy from a safe distance.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Cursed skulls are difficult to approach as they will cast Thunderwave against nearby creatures. Therefore it's advised to simply throw a bludgeoning weapon at them which has the "thrown" trait. A simple Light Hammer thrown by a character with decent Strength is sufficient to kill a skull in one blow. Eldritch Blast is also a good option since the skulls are also vulnerable to force damage.

Alternatively, casting Remove Curse will remove the Cursed Skull Cursed Skull status from a skull, preventing it from casting Thunderwave. However, this requires being within range of the skull's attack. One method of applying remove curse is using Misty Step to blink to a location outside of the skull's line of sight, then casting from behind or from the side if you position yourself carefully.

Casting the ritual spell Silence on a skull will entirely neutralise its thunderwave attack.

Ne'er Misser with a character that has high enough Dexterity can also kill it in one blow without going near it.