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Lady Jannath's Estate

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The exterior of Lady Jannath's Estate.
The estate on the zone map.

Lady Jannath's Estate is a large manor located in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate in Chapter Three. It is found on the west side of town, south of the House of Grief.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Lady Jannath's Estate consists of four floors.

Throughout this area, there will be hostile Poltergeists, which have natural invisibility, can throw objects, fly, and perform ranged shove attacks. Other hazards include Cursed Skulls. The skulls deal thunder damage and knock back the party. Use Silence to stop the skulls from casting their spells and then utilize remove curse or simply use throw a "thrown" bludgeoning weapon at them, which will destroy them in one attack.

Additionally, Golden Candelabrum scattered throughout are haunted by Vengeful Souls and Tormented Souls. These afflict negative auras on nearby characters, and the candelabrum will unleash the soul when destroyed.

Haunting[edit | edit source]

The estate exists in various states of haunting, depending on the status of the Free the Artist Free the Artist quest. If Oskar Fevras Oskar Fevras was spoken to in Act One and the quest is active, Tarhun Mnemonis Tarhun Mnemonis will warn the party that the manor has been taken over by Poltergeists. If Oskar died in Act One, the house will still be haunted but Mnemonis will say that Jannath Lady Jannath is in mourning. Otherwise, the manor is not noticeably haunted and instead hosts an opulent art show.

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

The ground floor is entered via the foyer, where floating furniture makes it immediately clear that something is amiss. Two large stairs on either side lead up to the first floor. Past these are a larder and kitchen on the west and east sides of the structure, respectively, each occupied by three Poltergeists.

Beyond these, at the north side of the structure, is a large stairwell connecting all the floors. Ascending this way can be treacherous due to the numerous enemies that aggro from above.

First floor[edit | edit source]

This level can be reached by the interior stairs or by an exterior balcony on the south side of the structure, which leads to the library.

Entering from the foyer stairs leads to a balcony guarded by two Poltergeists. Double doors lead to a stair to the second floor.

In a small library to the west, a Contractor's Record can be spotted on the desk (Perception DC 0). A locked (DC 15) strongbox contains a Hand Crossbow +2, six Arrows of Fiend Slaying, and six Arrows of Aberration Slaying.

Second floor[edit | edit source]

Oskar Fevras and Lady Jannath can be found here.

Third floor (armory)[edit | edit source]

This floor is occupied by three Cursed Skulls and two Poltergeists. Weapons of mundane and +1 quality can be found here, which the Poltergeists are happy to use against the party. A Scroll of See Invisibility can also be found on a nearby table.

Fourth floor/Oskar's Atelier[edit | edit source]

This studio is filled with numerous interactable portraits. The portrait of Oskar Fevras can be combined with the easel here to open the door to a secret room. Combining the other portraits with the easel summons a Tormented Soul. Inside a Rustic Chest can be found Letter to Oskar Fervas.

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Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

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Creatures[edit | edit source]

These creatures are only present if Free the Artist Free the Artist is in progress: