Eldritch Blast

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Eldritch Blast is an Evocation Cantrip. This spell allows spellcasters to shoot out an energy beam that deals Force damage to enemies.

"Conjure a beam of crackling energy that deals 1d10 Force damage."

Action Icon.png Action

Damage 1d10
Damage Types Force
Range 18m / 60ft
School Evocation
Concentration None
Class Warlock

Description[edit | edit source]

Conjure a beam of crackling energy that deals 1d10Damage TypesForce damage.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Action Icon.png Action

Available to level 1 Warlock.

  • Damage:
    D10 Force.png 1d10 (1~10) Damage Types Force
  • Range: Range Icon 2.png 18m / 60ft

At Higher Levels[edit | edit source]

The spell creates multiple beams at higher levels (2 beams at Level 5). You can target the same creature or multiple creatures with these beams. Each beam makes an Attack Roll.

  • The benefits of any Eldritch Invocations related to Eldritch Blast, such as Agonizing Blast, are applied to each beam.
  • The Repelling Blast Eldritch Invocation will only knock a target back once if struck by multiple beams.