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Eldritch Blast is a Cantrip (Evocation). The cantrip allows the spellcaster to shoot out an energy beam that deals Damage Types Force damage, and that can be upgraded with Warlock abilities.


Conjure a beam of crackling energy. Deals 1d10Damage TypesForce damage to a target.


D10 Force.png 1d10 (1~10) Damage Types Force
Attack Roll
Range: 18 m / 60 ft

At Higher Levels

The spell creates multiple beams at higher levels:
D10 Force.png 1d10 (1~10) per ray Damage Types Force
  • 2 beams at Level 5
  • 3 beams at Level 10
You can either target a single creature or multiple creatures with the beams. Each beam rolls a separate Attack Roll.

How to Learn



  • The benefits of Eldritch Invocations, such as Agonising Blast or Repelling Blast, are applied to each beam.
    • While Repelling Blast applies to each beam, it can only knock back a creature once per cast.
  • A target afflicted by Hex will take additional 1d6Damage TypesNecrotic damage from each beam.
  • There is a bug when using eldritch blast along with either Agonising Blast or Hex, and having lightning charges. When damage is applied, Agonising Blast and Hex will apply their damage twice on a single beam, rather than once
  • When interacting with effects like Death Ward and dealing multiple attacks to the same creature, assuming the 1st attack was sufficient to down the target the 2nd attack appears to apply before the Death Ward activates, which means that after 2 attacks the target would lose the Death Ward but remain with 1HP. If the initial attack would have 3 applications then the target would be downed on 1st attack and again on 3rd attack. In case of Avatars it means that, whilst having a Death Ward applied, they would need to receive 6 attack applications to fully die: 2 to break down the ward, 1 to get downed and 3 more to fail 3 Death Saves. This effect seems to apply to all multi-application attacks, like Magic Missile and Scorching Ray (as of

Any Class can choose this cantrip if you select the Spell Sniper feat.

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