Ringless Gem

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The Ringless Gem is a common yet one-of-a-kind Miscellaneous Item that can be combined with the Gemless Ring. Primarily of use for bartering or sale to Traders.

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A gem that was cut to sit neatly in a ring.


Where to find

Sold by (or pickpocketed from) Ferg Drogher X: 45 Y: -98 in the Rivington refugee camp

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Can be combined with the Gemless Ring looted from the Refugee Corpse on the cliffs of northeastern Rivington X: 46 Y: 66.
  • Combining the Ringless Gem and the Gemless Ring creates a Tarnished Ring. As of Hotfix #5, this item seems to have no purpose other than to be sold to Traders for a bit of extra gold.