Ferg Drogher

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Ferg Drogher is a human trader NPC encountered in Act Three. He is an opportunist looking to make gold off the crisis in Rivington, buying heirlooms from desperate refugees in need of gold and selling their goods elsewhere with his shadowy supplier.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Though simply an unscrupulous trader on the surface, Ferg is a Sharran lookout standing watch for Shadowheart's return. The player's interactions with him are entirely dependent on whether Shadowheart is in the party at the time, and whether or not she rejected Shar in The Chosen of Shar.

If Shadowheart is in your party, he will beckon you when you come close. If she rejected Shar, he will threaten her and direct her to the House of Grief to receive punishment. When this dialogue finishes, he walks away forever, locking him out of his trade goods.

If Shadowheart embraced Shar, he will remark that he's been waiting for her return and provide the same directions to the House of Grief. He hints at brewing unrest within the cloister, foreshadowing the upcoming fight with the Mother Superior.

Special stock[edit | edit source]

Ferg has a special stock of goods, which he can be convinced to sell with a Persuasion check. Being present with Shadowheart, if she embraced Shar, bypasses the need for this check. If Shadowheart rejected Shar, she shouldn't be present, as this will lock him out of all trade goods permanently.

Notable Items Sold[edit | edit source]

Special stock[edit | edit source]