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Traders are normal NPCs that have an expanded set of items and extra money. They are marked with a Trader Map Icon.png on the minimap. Talking to a trader often leads to a dialogue option that opens the trading interface, and some traders have no role in the game beyond their trade inventory.

Trade inventory[edit | edit source]

In addition to the normal inventory of items most NPCs have, each trader also has a set of items they can sell, called a trade inventory or trade treasures. Some items are guaranteed - usually unique magic items - while most items are picked from treasure tables, with some items available only at specific levels. For example, a trader that sells five rolls on the Healing Potion Table is effectively guaranteed to have five Potion of Healing at level 3, but might have a mix of Potion of Healing and Potion of Greater Healing at level 5.

Items in the trade inventory are treated differently to the normal inventory. These items can usually (not always) be pickpocketed, but only the three most expensive trade items are dropped on death. This is in addition to any other typical drops of an NPC, such as their normal inventory and items that are dropped exclusively on death. The gold a trader has does not drop on death, but it is usually available for pickpocketing, though some exceptions exist.

Unique equipment for sale is not refreshed after a Long Rest. Non-unique items such as consumables, alchemy ingredients, and camp supplies are re-rolled after a Long Rest.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Traders will be able to use consumables from their trade inventory during combat encounters. This includes drinking potions and casting spells from scrolls.

Trader wealth[edit | edit source]

Traders have a set wealth level that, in combination with player level, determines how much gold they can have. Wealth can be poor, modest, normal, wealthy, or extremely rich.

The following is a table describing the range of available gold by wealth level, from levels 1 to 12. For a more detailed breakdown, see Trader gold tables.

Item Quantity Chance
Poor (Lvs 1 - 12) 60 - 576 Always
Modest (Lvs 1 - 12) 120 - 1152 Always
Normal (Lvs 1 - 12) 200 - 2160 Always
Wealthy (Lvs 1 - 12) 440 - 3888 Always
Extremely rich (Lvs 1 - 12) 1200 - 8640 Always

Trading[edit | edit source]

The trade interface allows for buying and selling items from a trader. It is also possible to barter with them, earning more money at the cost of attitude or vice versa. Attitude and Persuasion influence trading price.

List of traders[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]