Sneak Attack (Ranged)

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For the melee version of this action see: Sneak Attack (Melee)
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Sneak Attack (Ranged) is a rogue action. This ability allows the rogue to exploit an enemy's distraction and deal extra damage to their vulnerable spots with ranged weapons. 


Deal an extra 1d6 damage to a foe you have Advantage Icon.png Advantage against. You can also use Sneak Attack if you have an ally within 1.5m / 5ft of the target and you don't have Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage.


Normal weapon damage
D6 Weapon.png 1d6 (1~6) Damage TypesWeapon damage
 Range: Normal weapon range
Recharge: Per turn

At Higher Levels

For every 2 Rogue Levels above 1, your Sneak Attack deals an additional 1d6Damage TypesPhysicalDRS damage, up to 6d6 at Level 11:

How to learn


This action is a variation of:
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack


  • When Sneak Attack is applied automatically to a triggering attack via the reaction system, it is treated as a "DRS"
  • This ability will only fire 1 shot. If you are planning to go dual classing as rogue and ranger with dual hand-crossbows using sneak attack for more damage, you should be wary that sneak attack will not make use of the other crossbow.