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There are 54 Steam Achievements in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Prerequisite Icon.png Spoiler warning: The following content may contain story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Icon Name Description Hidden
A-A Grym Fate.jpg A Grym Fate Kill the Adamantine Golem without using the Forge Hammer. Yes
A-Absolute Power Corrupts.jpg Absolute Power Corrupts Reign with terror: take control of the Netherbrain and bend the world to your will. Yes
A-Action Surge.jpg Action Surge Perform five attacks in one turn. Your enemies won't know what hit them (literally).
A-All's Well That Ends Well.jpg All's Well That Ends Well Finish the game (with a heartfelt 'thank you' from Larian Studios). Yes
A-Bedrolls and Breakfast.jpg Bedrolls and Breakfast Take four full Long Rests in a single playthrough - adventuring's tiring work.
A-Bookworm.jpg Bookworm Read 100 different books in a single playthrough. Adventuring isn't just daring quests, you know.
A-Bottoms Up.jpg Bottoms Up Long Rest using only alcohol - a time-honoured dwarven tradition.
A-Busker.jpg Busker Earn a hundred gold from playing sweet, sweet music in a single playthrough.
A-Ceremorphosis.jpg Ceremorphosis Make the ultimate sacrifice: become a mind flayer to defeat the Netherbrain. Yes
A-Crash Landing.jpg Crash Landing In the Wyrmway, wait until the dragon is mid-flight, then knock it out of the sky - KAPOW.
A-Critical Hit.jpg Critical Hit Complete the game in Tactician mode.
A-Descent From Avernus.jpg Descent From Avernus Take control of the nautiloid and escape the Hells.
A-Devil's in the Details.jpg Devil's in the Details Defeat Commander Zhalk on the nautiloid.
A-Dig for Victory.jpg Dig for Victory Dig up five buried chests in a single playthrough - treasure!
A-Embrace Your Urge.jpg Embrace Your Urge Become Bhaal's ultimate weapon - become his Slayer. Yes
A-Escapologist.jpg Escapologist Break out of prison after being arrested - aren't you daring?
A-Expand Your Mind.jpg Expand Your Mind Consume a parasite and unlock a new power - is it meant to wriggle the whole way down? Yes
A-Fancy Footwork.jpg Fancy Footwork Defeat Gortash in Wyrm's Rock without activating any traps.
A-Fetch Quest.jpg Fetch Quest Play fetch with Scratch - the best boy in the Realms.
A-First Blood.jpg First Blood Kill Orin while her cultists are performing their ritual chant. Yes
A-Fists of Fury.jpg Fists of Fury Kill a character with an Unarmed Strike.
Foehammer.jpg Foehammer Complete the game in Honour mode.
A-Forged in Blood and Fire.jpg Forged in Blood and Fire Craft an item in the Adamantine Forge. Yes
A-Hero of the Forgotten Realms.jpg Hero of the Forgotten Realms Save the day: kill the Netherbrain and destroy the Absolute tadpoles. Yes
A-Homebrewer.jpg Homebrewer Create three unique alchemical solutions in a single playthrough - bottoms up!
A-Hot Date.jpg Hot Date Go on a date with Karlach - now that's playing with fire. Yes
A-Interfectorem Draconis.jpg Interfectorem Draconis Kill the red dragon in the Upper City. Yes
A-Jack-of-all-Trades.jpg Jack-of-all-Trades Multiclass into every class in one playthrough without asking Withers to change your character.
A-Just a Nibble.jpg Just a Nibble Let Astarion bite you - ouch. Yes
A-Kill Two Birds With One Gnome.jpg Kill Two Birds With One Gnome Use one enemy as an improvised weapon against another.
A-Leave No One Behind.jpg Leave No One Behind Save every tiefling refugee you can throughout the game in a single playthrough. Yes
A-Loophole.jpg Loophole Break Wyll's pact with Mizora. Yes
A-Mind Blown.jpg Mind Blown Romance the Emperor. Yes
A-Murder in Baldur's Gate.jpg Murder in Baldur's Gate Coat the streets of Baldur's Gate in blood - become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal. Yes
A-No Free Lunches.jpg No Free Lunches Defeat the Apostle of Myrkul before it consumes any necromites. Yes
A-No Penny Required.jpg No Penny Required Successfully use Detect Thoughts to pry into someone's thoughts.
A-Non-Invasive Procedure.jpg Non-Invasive Procedure Kill the Surgeon before he performs surgery on you in combat.
A-Outsourcing.jpg Outsourcing Recruit a hireling. You can befriend them or use them as cannon-fodder - we won't judge.
A-Penny Pincher.jpg Penny Pincher Defeat the Toll Collector without her using gold against you - excellent budgeting.
A-Pest Control.jpg Pest Control Kill the Spider Matriarch before her eggs hatch - why do they have so many legs? Yes
A-Punch Drunk.jpg Punch Drunk Defeat twenty opponents while a party character is drunk in a single playthrough - down them.
A-Repairing the Weave.jpg Repairing the Weave Stabilise Gale's Netherese orb. Yes
A-Roleplayer.jpg Roleplayer Complete ten background goals in a single playthrough - you are one with your character.
A-Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude.jpg Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude Find and summon the quasit Shovel. Or is her name... Fork? Maybe Basket? Yes
A-She Cannot Be Caged!.jpg She Cannot Be Caged! Rescue Sazza from the Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp and Moonrise Towers in one playthrough. Yes
A-Shove Off.jpg Shove Off Kill a creature with falling damage.
A-Sins of the Father.jpg Sins of the Father Claim your Throne of Blood: take control of the Netherbrain for Bhaal and break the world. Yes
A-Taking Blood.jpg Taking Blood Steal the Blood of Lathander from underneath Rosymorn Monastery. Yes
A-The City Awaits.jpg The City Awaits Leave Act II - Baldur's Gate is just over the horizon. Yes
A-The Lich-Queen's Wrath.jpg The Lich-Queen's Wrath Ally with Voss against the githyanki God-Queen. Good luck. Yes
A-The Plot Thickens.jpg The Plot Thickens Leave Act I - for somewhere altogether darker. Yes
A-To Bloom in Darkest Night.jpg To Bloom in Darkest Night Gift Shadowheart a night orchid - her favourite flower. Always knew she was a softie. Yes
A-Under Lock and Key.jpg Under Lock and Key Rescue all the prisoners from the depths of Moonrise Towers in one playthrough. Yes
A-You Have Two Hands for a Reason.jpg You Have Two Hands for a Reason Pet Scratch and the owlbear cub at the same time - the greatest joy an adventurer could ask for. Yes

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