Leave No One Behind

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Leave No One Behind is an achievement in Baldur's Gate 3 that requires the player to save all the Tiefling Refugees whenever possible. If the conditions are met, this achievement is awarded upon completing the game.

Act One[edit | edit source]

  • The Tiefling refugees in the Emerald Grove must be saved from the goblins, and the Rite of Thorns must not be triggered. See also Save the Refugees
  • Once reaching the Emerald Grove, Nadira can be found on top of the hill to the left of the gate, but saving her is not required to unlock the achievement. A bugbear assassin will attempt to ambush and kill her immediately after the party gets close to Nadira's location.
  • Rolan has to be convinced to stay with the rest of the refugees.
  • Kagha must be dissuaded from killing Arabella in the Inner Sanctum of the grove.
  • If the party finds Arka confronting the goblin Sazza in the Makeshift Prison, then it is needed to talk her out of seeking revenge or she would show up dead later near the Goblin Camp.
  • If the Investigate the Beach quest is triggered in the quest log (by going near that Beach area), then Mirkon must be saved (before you long rest too much) and this also must be done before the Defeat the Goblins quest is finished.
  • For The Dark Urge (origin) specifically: Alfira must be knocked out non-lethally before long resting. She is then replaced by a Dragonborn bard Quil during Dark Urge's personal camp event. Also, Dark Urge must resist killing Pandirna in The Hollow.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

  • If fighting the Strange Ox, the party has to make sure Dammon survives.
  • None of the tieflings must die during the initial raid on the Last Light Inn
  • When the Inn is raided, Mol will be kidnapped to Moonrise Towers and she won't be found until Act 3. See also Find Mol.
  • Rolan must be saved at the southern end of the river from an attack by multiple Shadows
  • All tieflings must be rescued from Moonrise Towers before entering the Shadowfell as part of the Find the Nightsong quest, see also Rescue the Tieflings. Saving them is enough, checking on them is not necessary for completing this quest.
  • The Nightsong must be saved.
  • Arabella has to be found in Reithwin Town and the quest Find Arabella's Parents has to be completed.
  • Zevlor must be rescued in the Illithid colony. See also Find Zevlor.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

  • Rolan must not die if the party chooses to battle Lorroakan at Sorcerous Sundries
  • Mol has to be spoken to in the Guildhall.
  • Zevlor must survive if summoned during the final battle.