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Fleshrender image

Fleshrender is a rare Shortsword that allows the wielder to make a diabolical strike, possibly stymying their target's ability to heal.

Description Icon.png
The previous owner was going to call this sword Barney, but he got such a bollocking from his friends that he named it Fleshrender instead, and sulked for a whole tenday afterward.


D6 Piercing.png 1d6 + 2 (3~8) + Strength or Dexterity modifier Damage TypesPiercing damage
Shortswords Shortswords
Rarity: Rare
Enchantment: + 2
Finesse Finesse
Light (weapon property) Light
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
 Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.8 lb
Price: 190 gp
UID MAG_LC_Fleshrend_Shortsword
UUID 3db6b7be-1e36-405e-94fd-cf5a9f0e4b68

Weapon actions

Proficiency Icon.png If you have proficiency, equip in main hand to gain:

Special weapon actions

This weapon also grants the following:

  • Part the Flesh Part the Flesh ()
    Thrust forward with diabolical precision, possibly stymying your target's ability to heal.

Where to find

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