Frenzied Strain (Condition)

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  • Using Frenzied Strike Frenzied Strike adds a stack of Frenzied Strain. The barbarian takes a -1 penalty on Attack Rolls for every stack.
  • All stacks are removed when Frenzy Frenzy ends.


Loses duration Loses duration: No

If already applied If already applied: add to duration

More properties More properties:

Sources of Frenzied Strain

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The attack roll is made before the stack of Frenzied Strain is applied to the attacker.

The description used on this page has been edited for clarity. The in-game description is:

  • Using Frenzied Strike adds a penalty to Attack Rolls every time, stacking so that you miss more often. This adds up until the end of your Frenzy.