Frenzied Strike

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For the Boar companion bonus action, see Frenzied Strike (Boar) Frenzied Strike (Boar).
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Frenzied Strike is a Berserker Barbarian Bonus Action. This ability allows the Berserker to make a melee attack as a bonus action once per turn.


As a bonus action, make a melee attack with your equipped weapon.

Will cause a stack of Frenzied Strain Frenzied Strain on the barbarian.


Bonus action
Normal weapon damage
Attack roll
 Range: Normal weapon range
Recharge: Per turn

Condition: Frenzied Strain

Frenzied Strain Frenzied Strain

Duration: 1 turn

  • Using Frenzied Strike Frenzied Strike adds a stack of Frenzied Strain. The barbarian takes a -1 penalty on Attack Rolls for every stack.
  • All stacks are removed when Frenzy Frenzy ends.

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