Gargantuan Cleave

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Gargantuan Cleave is a weapon action granted by Very Heavy Greataxe.


Swing your weapon with all your might. You can attack multiple targets, dealing bonus 1d6Damage TypesSlashingDRS damage, but become Off Balanced Off Balanced for Duration: 1 turn.


1/2 Normal weapon damage
D6 Slashing.png 1d6 (1~6) Damage TypesSlashing damage
Attack roll
AoE: 1.5 m / 5 ft (Cone)
Recharge: Short rest

Condition: Off Balance (Gargantuan Cleave)

Off Balance Off Balance

Duration: 1 turn

How to learn

Granted by the weapons:


  • As with the regular Cleave, the maximum number of targets hit by this action is 3, targeting the closest ones first.
  • The Off Balance condition applied by this weapon is different from the regular Off Balance Off Balance with the same name.
    • The condition is applied to oneself, and lasts until it's the individual's turn to attack again, not just until the end of the current turn.
  • The bonus damage applied by this weapon action will apply whether or not the weapon attack hits.
  • As of Patch #6, the tooltip shows this action applying full weapon damage when in fact it deals half the weapon damage.