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Perform 'The Queen's High Seas'

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Perform 'The Queen's High Seas' is a free action that allows the user to play the song 'The Queen's High Seas' using their equipped Instrument.


Play a jaunty sea shanty to rouse and excite those around you.


 Range: Self

Condition: Performing 'The Queen's High Seas'

Performing 'The Queen's High Seas' Performing 'The Queen's High Seas'
  • Playing a tune. Perform the same song nearby to join in.

Condition: Poor Performance

Poor Performance Poor Performance
  • Maybe you'd better stop, before anyone starts throwing rocks.

How to learn

Other ways to learn:


  • If the performer has Music Instrument proficiency, they will perform the song. The performer will make a Charisma Performance check. If this check is succeeded any characters who gathered to hear the performance will toss a gold coin when it ends.
  • If the performer does not have Music Instrument proficiency, they will receive the 'Poor Performance' condition instead.
  • This song is a reference to the Divinity series, a franchise by Larian Studios.

In-Game Performance[edit | edit source]