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Force of personality.
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Charisma is an ability score and the primary ability of Bards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers. Charisma affects its related skills (Deception, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion) and improves spellcasting for Bards, Paladins, Warlocks and Sorcerers (better chance to hit enemies with spell attack rolls; increases the Difficulty Class of spells with saving throws).

As of Early Access Patch 9, increasing one's Charisma Modifier also improves the prices offered by Traders (by increasing the Persuasion skill bonus).

Charisma modifier chart[edit | edit source]

Baldur's Gate 3 uses the Point Buy ruleset.

Ability score modifier chart
Ability score Modifier value Ability score Modifier value
1 -5 16-17 +3
2-3 -4 18-19 +4
4-5 -3 20-21 +5
6-7 -2 22-23 +6
8-9 -1 24-25 +7
10-11 +0 26-27 +8
12-13 +1 28-29 +9
14-15 +2 30 +10

Ways to increase[edit | edit source]

The following items/entities can be consumed/used for a permanent bonus to Charisma:

The following feats can increase Charisma up to a base value of 20:

Related items[edit | edit source]

Affecting Charisma[edit | edit source]

The following items increase Charisma while equipped:

  • Duke Ravengard's Longsword increases Charisma by +2 (up to 24; the in-game tooltip doesn't mention it, but the sword doesn't let you pass 24)
  • Birthright increases Charisma by +2 (up to 22)

The following items reduce Charisma while equipped:

Affecting saving throws[edit | edit source]

The following items grant a +1 bonus to Charisma saving throws:

The following items grant advantage on Charisma saving throws:

Affecting ability checks[edit | edit source]

The following items grant a +1 bonus to Charisma ability checks:

Benefiting from Charisma[edit | edit source]