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Produce Flame is a Cantrip (Conjuration). This cantrip creates a blue flame in the caster's palm that emanates light and can be thrown at enemies.


A flame in your hand sheds a light in a 9 m / 30 ft radius and deals 1d8Damage TypesFire damage when thrown.

Throwing the flame immediately after you conjure it does not cost an Action. Extinguishing or throwing it on subsequent turns costs an Action. The throw has a range of 9 m / 30 ft.


Range: Self

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

Condition: Produce Flame

Produce FlameProduce Flame
Duration: Until Long rest
  • A flickering flame sheds light in a 9 m / 30 ft radius around the creature.
  • Grants the following actions:
    • Produce Flame: Hurl Produce Flame: Hurl
      • Throw the conjured flame up to a range of 9 m / 30 ft. If thrown at a creature, a ranged Attack Roll is performed. On a hit, it deals 1d8Damage TypesFire damage before sizzling out. On subsequent turns after the flame was conjured, this ability will cost an Action.
      • When the spellcaster reaches Level 5, the damage increases to 2d8Damage TypesFire.
      • When the spellcaster reaches Level 10, the damage increases to 3d8Damage TypesFire.
    • Produce Flame: Dismiss Produce Flame: Dismiss
      • Use an Action to douse the conjured flame in your hand.

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(Character Level is the sum of all Class Levels for a multi-classed character.)


Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The version of this Cantrip granted by the Asmodeus Tiefling subrace, uses the character's Wisdom modifier to hurl the flame, rather than Charisma. See: Tiefling - Bugs.
  • On Clerics the damage on the tooltip for Produce Flame is not marked correctly for the increases at level 5 and 10. The tooltip for the throwing action, Produce Flame: Hurl Produce Flame: Hurl, is marked correctly, and the damage scales correctly. It has the same chance to hit as Guiding Bolt Guiding Bolt.
  • Unlike in standard DnD 5e, Clerics usually do not get Produce Flame.

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