Produce Flame: Hurl

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Produce Flame: Hurl is a cantrip (Conjuration). Throws the flame you conjured in your hand at a target. Only given after first casting Produce Flame Produce Flame


Hurl the conjured flame in your hand at a target and let it sizzle out.

Throwing the flame this turn doesn't cost an action. Throwing it on subsequent turns will cost an action.


D8 Fire.png 1d8 (1~8) Damage TypesFire damage
Attack roll
 Range: 9 m / 30 ft

At higher levels

  • At character level 5, the damage increases to 2d8Damage TypesFire.
  • At character level 10, the damage increases to 3d8Damage TypesFire.

How to learn

(Information not yet added.)


  • The version of this Cantrip granted by the Asmodeus Tiefling subrace, uses the character's Wisdom modifier to hurl the flame, rather than Charisma. See: Tiefling - Bugs.
  • On Clerics the damage on the tooltip for Produce Flame is not marked correctly for the increases at level 5 and 10. The tooltip for the throwing action, Produce Flame: Hurl Produce Flame: Hurl, is marked correctly, and the damage scales correctly. It has the same chance to hit as Guiding Bolt Guiding Bolt.

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