Smokepowder Bomb

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Smokepowder Bomb image

Smokepowder Bomb is a consumable item that can be thrown using the Throw action.

Description Icon.png
This explosive gnomish invention is packed tight with smokepowder.


  • Grenades
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Common
  • Weight: 0.3 kg / 0.6 lb
  • Price: 16 gp



  • Throw a bomb that explodes on impact and deals 3d4+9Damage TypesForce damage
    • Range: 18 m / 60 ft
    • AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Radius)
    • Dexterity Save: DC 12 to halve the damage.

Where to Find

  • Purchased from various vendors.
  • One can be found in a trapped and locked Wooden Chest in the cave north of The Risen Road.