Synergetic Moments

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Synergetic Moments is a passive feature that adds damage equal to your spellcasting ability after inflicting a condition.


When you inflict a condition, gain Arcane Synergy Arcane Synergy for 2 turns.

Condition: Arcane Synergy

Arcane Synergy Arcane Synergy

Duration: 2 turns

How to learn

Granted by the equipment:


  • As of Patch 1, the game appears to have a loose definition of what qualifies as 'inflicting' a condition. The item's effect does trigger when applying conditions to enemies, as expected, but it can also be triggered by applying beneficial conditions to oneself or one's allies - or by making an attack while affected by such a condition. Here are some examples:
  • As of Patch 5, the game appears to only grant the bonus when afflicting an enemy with a condition, other than threatened.
  • As of Patch 6, the game appears to set the Arcane Synergy stacks to 2 instead of adding 2 stacks.