Lightning Charges

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Lightning Charges are a special Condition granted by certain Sparkstruck Equipment.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Lightning courses through you. You have +1 to Attack Rolls and deal an additional 1Damage TypesLightning damage.

If you gain 5 charges, they are consumed the next time you deal damage, and you deal an additional 1d8Damage TypesLightning damage.

You lose 1 charge per turn.

Items that Grant Lightning Charges[edit | edit source]

  • Weapons:
  • Equipment:
    • The Speedy Lightfeet Icon.png The Speedy Lightfeet: When the wearer dashes or takes a similar action in combat, they gain 3 Lightning Charges.
    • The Watersparkers Icon.png The Watersparkers: If the wearer starts their turn on an electrified surface, they gain 3 Lightning Charges.

Items that Interact with Lightning Charges[edit | edit source]