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Common Mod Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Creating Hair Mods | Creating Head Mods | Creating Armor Mods | Creating Race Mods

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Tutorials for BG3 Modding encompass a few categories that we are trying to put together by their category.

  • BG3 Community Library
    • To quote the page "The Community Library is a collaborative effort among members of the modding community to create a common collection of Spells, Scripts, Items, Races, Passives, and more, with the goal of assisting modders in creating new content and keeping their content compatible with similar mods."
  • Sample Templates - Sample templates for several types of mods that should help alongside the below listed tutorials.

General Tutorials[edit | edit source]

General tutorials for modding BG3, or tutorials that encompass multiple categories.

First and foremost you want to unpack the game files to start modding. Most modding involves making use of the game's existing files.

Creating PAK mods[edit | edit source]

  • Understanding Mod Folder Structure
    • before going into making pak mods it is good to know how their structure works.
  • Working with LSX files ( example with Progressions.lsx )
    • a good guide to get use to the setup of the lsx files the game uses.
  • Creating your Meta.lsx by Padme4000
    • This tutorial goes through the process of making your meta.lsx which pak mods use to tell the game their name, their identifier and what version of the mod it is. For mod managers these allow you to move the mod around in the load order. Generally most mods will need one to be able to be installed and work.
  • Dependencies
    • This is only really required if you need to reference assets in another mod, or when you have trouble loading in a vanilla asset.
  • Hotloading
    • This is really good to know whether you can hotload to check edits to your mod while the game is still running.
  • Packaging Mods for install
    • When your mod is ready to go, you will want to pack your mod for your users to install it.
  • Modding:Editing Equipment.txt
    • Want to change the equipment that your classes spawn in with? Here's how to do it.

Mesh Related[edit | edit source]

Learning Blender[edit | edit source]

These tutorials are not directly BG3-related, but are a great stepping stone into using Blender and working with meshes.

Other Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Ones that don't currently fit a specific category yet or encompass several.

Character Creation Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Character creation tutorials touch on things that edit things to do with characters, either Tavs or NPCs.

Creating Hair Mods[edit | edit source]

Main tutorial page: Creating Hair Mods

Other tutorials:

  • Visualizing a BG3 Hair Texture in Blender by EmeraldTechno
    • Very useful for editing hairs in Blender, as it allows you to see how the hair is going to look in game without actually paking it and loading into the Character Creator.
  • Creating Hairs Post Patch 9
    • Shows editing a custom mesh, but works with in game assets as well. The file editing is mostly the same, but Padme's updated tutorial here will show the most up to date information.
  • Joining Different Meshes Into One
    • With some hair meshes, as long as they share the same texture, you might want to join the meshes together for simplicity. This is how you would go about that. If the hair parts use different materials and you want to keep them as such, do not use this method. You can also use this method to join other types of meshes.
  • Custom Hair Highlights
    • BG3's vanilla hairs have highlights applied using vertex paint. This guide will show you how to adjust or add your own highlights to your custom hair.
  • Hair Thinning Begone by mocia
    • If your hair seems thin in CC (showing too much light or background through the hair), this tutorial can help you fix that.
  • Making Custom Hair for Baldur's Gate 3 using Hair Tool for Blender by EmeraldTechno

Adding your hair as a new asset to the game[edit | edit source]

Once you have your meshes set up, these guides will help you add it to the game as a new asset.

  • Hair Mod File Setup
    • This is an in-depth guide for those who might want to understand the process more thoroughly, or who are very new to BG3 modding.
  • Add your custom hair to BG3 in 10 minutes or less by EmeraldTechno
    • This is a fast-paced guide with an included template to help you quickly add your hair to BG3. However, it does not include many details.

Creating Head Mods[edit | edit source]

Fixing Issues with your Heads[edit | edit source]

  • Fixing neck seams
    • A neck seam is either a gap or a visible line between the neck of a head and the body. This tutorial should help you fix those issues.
  • Fixing UV errors
  • Fixing bone errors
  • Fixing a Neck Gap that Shows in Game but not in Blender
    • sometimes in blender it will look like there are no gaps, but once in game we might get some. this video is to show you how to fix that issue.
  • Head Troubleshooting
    • This page shows you how to:
      • Apply Transformations
      • How to fix Ears missing/on the floor in Game
      • To check if your ears have weights and how to add them
      • Head Disappearing when zooming out
      • Heterochromia not working for your head
      • Wrinkles being too extreme

Tav Specific Character Creation Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Creating Armour/Outfit Mods[edit | edit source]

Adding your new asset to the game[edit | edit source]

Fixing issues with your armour/outfit[edit | edit source]

Fix dark areas/patches on the mesh in blender

Texture-Related Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Texturing is usually applied on top of a mesh to make it appear a certain way.

VFX-Related Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Visual Effects-related tutorials.

Creating Custom Visual Effects in-depth guide by ImmortalRDI