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Head Modding[edit | edit source]

Head modding is whether you want to edit an NPC's head or make/edit a head for Tav/Dark Urge/Guardian. Each of these require plugins

Tools Required[edit | edit source]

First and foremost you want to install the GR2 plugin if you haven't already.

Process in Blender[edit | edit source]

How to edit heads in blender:

Fixing Issues with your Heads[edit | edit source]

  • Fixing neck seams
    • A neck seam is either a gap or a visible line between the neck of a head and the body. This tutorial should help you fix those issues.
  • Fixing UV errors
  • Fixing bone errors
  • Fixing a Neck Gap that Shows in Game but not in Blender
    • sometimes in blender it will look like there are no gaps, but once in game we might get some. this video is to show you how to fix that issue.
  • Head Troubleshooting
    • This page shows you how to:
      • Apply Transformations
      • How to fix Ears missing/on the floor in Game
      • To check if your ears have weights and how to add them
      • Head Disappearing when zooming out
      • Heterochromia not working for your head
      • Wrinkles being too extreme

The written process[edit | edit source]

Creating the Meta.lsx