Modding:Creating Hair Mods

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This page lays out the steps for creating your very own Baldur’s Gate 3 hair mod.

  1. Always check Permissions before starting to mod if you are using non-vanilla assets.
  2. Download these essential hair modding tools:
    1. Blender (version 3.6 recommended)
      1. For importing, editing, and exporting the hair mesh itself
    2. Lslib by Norbyte
      1. For conforming your custom hair to a vanilla hair
    3. BG3 Multi-Tool by ShinyHobo
      1. For searching the game files
    4. Collada/GR2 import/export Blender plugin by Norbyte
      1. For importing/exporting .GR2 files, which BG3 uses
    5. VSCode or Notepad++
      1. For editing code files
  3. Hair Mod Mesh Setup
    1. This is where you set up the mesh itself, which is the visible part of your hair.
  4. Hair Mod File Setup
    1. This is where you set up the code for inclusion into the game.
  5. Package your mod for installation
  6. Profit!