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In this video I show a few of these steps including alternative methods for fixing seams in blender. If blender doesn't work you likely need to edit the textures as well to help remove any left over seams.

First advise is always transfer normals from the mesh you're using textures of. So if using textures of Half Elf Masc Head E transfer normals from that same mesh.

This tutorial is from a post shared by HoneyWhite in the DbtR Discord server.

Tools Needed[edit | edit source]

  • Blender
  • Noesis
  • Padme's Blender Add-ons

First convert the .GR2 mesh to .DAE with LSLIB, then convert the .DAE to .FBX with Noesis and use it as the Data Transfer source object for either tutorial.
Note: You can skip Noesis completely if you use the Modders Multitool. It will convert meshes you search for into .DAE and .FBX automatically.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Select your custom head and go into Edit mode (TAB key)
  2. Select only your neck seam vertices and create a vertex group called neck_seam
  3. Click the Normal Transfer button from Padme's add-on - it should auto-smooth your normals with a 180° angle and add a Data Transfer modifier
  4. Select the imported .FBX head mesh as your source
  5. Set the modifier to only apply to your newly created vertex group
  6. Check Face Corner Data and select Custom Normals
  7. Mapping should be Nearest Corner and best Matching Face Normal
  8. Apply the modifier, export your custom head

Neck seam.webp