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Sample Mods[edit | edit source]

One of the most helpful things you can do when you’re starting out with modding is to take a look at sample mods that actually work and start from there, or use a template to help you create a certain mod. Here are a collection of Sample Mods and Templates designed to help you create a finished product.

General Sample Mods[edit | edit source]

These sample mods either have several to offer or work for multiple types of mods.

Outfits and Armours[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Builder by ReallyLazyIcarus. A python script that generates a folder workspace and empty lsx in the correct format to be converted with the multitool. Recommended.
  • BG3 Equipment Generator by ByteBard.
    • Extremely helpful tool that does most of the work of armor/weapon generation for you.

Unfortunately a lot of template armour mods are out of date, usually because the mod tools became more efficient. For example most of the race UUIDS mentioned on these are defunct and some of the metas don't work. They are still useful to learn from and much of the code will still work, but it is not recommended to use them as a template.

  • Sample 3D Edited Equipment Mod by AnteMaxx
    • A template mod for datamined and 3D edited armor modding. Contains 1 armor, 1 pair of mismatched boots, 1 pair of mismatched gloves, 1 headwear and 1 shoulder armor. Mainly a modder's resource, but can be enjoyed by players as well.
  • Sample Magic Ring Mod by AnteMaxx
    • A template mod for magic ring and spell modding. Contains 4 magic rings. Mainly a modder's resource, but can be enjoyed by players as well.
  • Sample Equipment Mod by AnteMaxx
    • A template mod for Armor and Weapon modding, and for implementing custom icons. Contains 3 armors, 1 weapon and 1 backpack. Mainly a modder's resource, but can be enjoyed by players as well.
  • Modding BG3 Tutorial - New Armour From Existing Assets by tepkunset.
    • A tutorial on creating new armour from existing assets in the game.
  • Druu's Custom Armour Template
    • Contains a link to Druu’s tutorial series on how to create custom meshes, textures and how to get your custom mesh into the game, as well as the Tutorial Folder Druu uses in the videos.

Dyes[edit | edit source]

  • Dye Template as Optional File by Padme4000
    • Adds Padme’s custom dyes to the game. Infinite uses. Black with other colours and such. Includes a sample template for those wanting to make their own dyes.

Character Creation Sample Mods[edit | edit source]

Templates/samples for mods for character creation such as hairs, heads, races, subraces and colours.

  • Custom Race Template by Tripsadin
    • An annotated empty Template to make your own Custom Race with a Sub Race. Follow the comments on each line.
  • Hair Template by Padme4000
    • This page has the template for creating/porting hairs as new assets to the game. Autosnapping and non autosnapping covered.
  • Quick Hair Template by EmeraldTechno
    • This template is intended for modders who want to quickly set up a new hair without diving too deep into the details of how to set it up.
  • Kay's CC Icon Template by perseidipity
    • A template for modders who want to include icons in their CC mods.
  • Add Scars to Your Character by labotor
    • A template created to help you add scars to your characters - Labotor provided all the files necessary and a wide variety of scars to choose from, with detailed PDF guide included. Only thing required is Photoshop (or Gimp). Included options for editing heads unlocked by AlanaSP's Customizer and bodies.
  • Weeviljester's Head Template
    • A head mod template for beginners to BG3 modding.
  • Eye Color Template by AureBuen