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Sussur Bloom is a Miscellaneous Story Item that creates an antimagic field around its holder. The bloom will wilt and become permanently ruined if it leaves the Underdark.

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This bright blue flower, picked from a budding sussur tree, exudes a honey-sweet aroma, which turns foul and eventually fades away if the bloom is exposed to sunlight.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Rarity: Story Item
  •  Weight: 0 kg / 0 lb
  • Price: 1 gp
  • UID UNI_UND_SussurTreeFlower
    UUID 8706eab3-e05b-478d-833e-308379972dad

Condition: Sussur Antimagic Field

Sussur Antimagic Field Sussur Antimagic Field
  • Sussur blooms nullify nearby magic.

Where to find

  • Four can be found on and around the large Sussur Tree in the Dread Hollow of the Underdark X: -14 Y: -138.
  • Two can be found at the Garden just outside the door of the ground floor Arcane Tower.


  • The antimagic field affects nearby characters as well as the character holding the item. It prevents the use of spells, but not of magical actions that are not spells, such as Channel Divinity.
  • Sussur Blooms can be used to disable Animated Armour and Arcane Turrets.
  • Prior to patch 6 it was possible to take the flowers outside of the Underdark without being replaced by a Withered Sussur Petal by following these steps, this was fixed in patch 6 and is no longer possible in current versions.
    • Collect at least 2 blooms in a single stack in one visit to the underdark.
    • Use the right click option to split the stack, each Sussur bloom split from the initial stack will become bugged.
    • Send your bugged sussur blooms to your camp chest while still in the Underdark.
    • Travel out of the Underdark back to the overworld, travel to your camp and remove the bugged sussur blooms from your camp chest.
    • The bugged sussur blooms can now freely be used in the overworld, including carrying them freely in your inventory or throwing them on the ground.
      • If you need to travel to or from the Underdark the bugged sussur blooms must be returned to your camp chest before travelling or they will wither.
  • Using cheats to spawn this item using its uuid seems to spawn a non-functional version of the item.

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