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Channel Divinity is a Class Feature of Clerics, first learned at level 2, provided through a resource called a Channel Divinity Charge used for a Class Action called a Channel Divinity Action. At level 2 the Cleric has 1 charge available, with an additional charge becoming available at level 6. The charges are replenished on a short or long rest.

Channel Divinity Actions[edit | edit source]

Channel Divinity Charge

Turn Undead is a Channel Divinity Action available to all Clerics at level 2.

At level 2, Clerics get an additional Channel Divinity Action dependent on their Domain.

Life Life
Preserve Life Preserve Life
Light Light
Radiance of the Dawn Radiance of the Dawn
Trickery Trickery
Invoke Duplicity Invoke Duplicity
Knowledge Knowledge
Knowledge of the Ages Knowledge of the Ages
Nature Nature
Charm Animals and Plants Charm Animals and Plants
Tempest Tempest
Destructive Wrath Destructive Wrath
War War
Guided Strike Guided Strike

At level 6, some Domains get an additional Channel Divinity Action:

Trickery Trickery
Cloak of Shadows Cloak of Shadows
Knowledge Knowledge
Read Thoughts Read Thoughts
Speak with Animals Speak with Animals
Nature Nature
Dampen Elements Dampen Elements
War War
War God's Blessing War God's Blessing

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