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Dark Justiciar Boots

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Dark Justiciar Boots image

The Dark Justiciar Boots are a rare pair of Boots that grants the wearer better Dexterity Saving Throws and the ability to cast Shadow Teleportation once per Short Rest.

Description Icon.png

Scratched in places, scorched in others, and worn thin at the heel, these boots bear the indelible marks of experience.


  • Boots Boots
  • Proficiency Icon.png Required Proficiency: Medium Armour Medium Armour
  • Rarity: Rare
  •  Weight: 2 kg / 4 lb
  • Price: 240 gp
  • UID UNI_SHA_DarkJusticiar_Boots
    UUID e33850ba-f697-40f5-abec-2951077f2cef


The wearer of this item gains:

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