Daylight: Enchant Item

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Daylight: Enchant Item is a Level 3 Evocation Spell. This spell is a variant of the spell Daylight. This variant of the spell allows spellcasters to enchant an item to shine like the sun.


Enchant an item or weapon to shine with the light of the sun and dispel all darkness around it. Target must have a weapon in their main hand.

Duration: Until Long Rest


Action + Level 3 Spell Slot
Range: 18 m / 60 ft
AoE: 15 m / 50 ft (Radius)

At Higher Levels

Upcast: Casting this spell at a higher level doesn't grant any additional benefits.

Condition: Daylight

Daylight Daylight
Duration: Until Long Rest
  • Shining with the light of the sun. Dispels Darkness within a radius of Aoe Icon.png15 m / 50 ft.
  • Target creature requires a Weapon in their main hand.

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