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Death Ward is a Level 4 Abjuration Spell. This spell allows spellcasters to prevent a target from dying.


Protect a creature from death. The next time damage would reduce it to 0 Hit Points, it remains conscious with 1 Hit Point left.


Action + Level 4 Spell Slot
Range: 1.5 m / 5 ft

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

Condition: Death Ward

Death WardDeath Ward
Duration: Until Long rest
  • The next time damage would reduce the affected entity to 0 Hit Points. it remains conscious with 1 Hit Point left.

How to learn



  • When the creature affected is hit with spells like Magic Missile Magic Missile and is receiving multiple attacks as part of one spell, assuming the 1st attack was sufficient to Downeddown the creature with Death Ward Death Ward applied, the 2nd attack appears to apply before the Death Ward Death Ward activates, which means that after 2 attacks the creature would lose the Death Ward Death Ward but remain with 1HP. If the initial attack would have 3 applications then the creature would be DownedDowned] on 1st attack and again on 3rd attack. In case of Avatars it means that, whilst having a Death Ward Death Ward applied, they would need to receive 6 attack applications to fully die: 2 to break down the ward, 1 to get downed and 3 more to fail 3 Death Saves. This effect seems to apply to all multi-application attacks, like Scorching Ray Scorching Ray and Eldritch Blast Eldritch Blast (as of
  • If cast by a Cleric Cleric, this spell must remain Prepared; removing Death Ward from the caster's Prepared Spells list will remove the buff from all party members whom the caster applied Death Ward to.

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