Downed (Condition)

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  • If you reach 0 hit points, you fall Unconscious and must make Death Saving Throws. On 3 successes, you stop bleeding out and become Stable. On 3 failures, you Dead die.
  • Any damage you receive while unconscious counts as one failure.
  • If you regain any Hit Points, the condition is removed. If an ally helps you, you regain 1 hit point.

Condition Type Icon.pngIncapacitatedUnconscious

Sources of Downed[edit | edit source]

  • If a companion or playable character reaches zero hit points they will be Downed.

Removal[edit | edit source]

Removing Downed via one of the following methods will cause the character to stand back up, and be able to act during their regular turn in the initiative order, though they may not have access to their full range of Resources for the remainder of the round. [Needs Verification]

Prevention[edit | edit source]

Instead of being Downed, one can "cheat death" via the effects in the chart below.

  • When the player would normally hit 0 hit points, the "prevention" effect will end, and grant the player healing instead.
    • While multiple effects can be active at once, the order of priority and stacking (or lack thereof) is not fully understood.
  • When a character is "revived" this way, they fully restore their Resources (Action(s), Bonus action(s), Reaction(s), and Movement).
    • This even applies if the character would be downed during their turn (such as from being in range of an explosion that they caused).
Condition Source Replacement Effect Condition Duration Limitation
Survival Instinct Survival Instinct Survival Instinct Survival Instinct 3d4hit points Duration: 3 turns Recharge: Short rest
Death Ward Death Ward The Reviving Hands (Aegis Palms) 1hit points Duration: 2 turns Applies to targets Healed.
Death Ward Death Ward Duration: Until Long rest alt= 1 Level 4 Spell Slots.png class=bg3wiki-icon
Relentless Rage Relentless Rage Level 11 Barbarian Passive Duration: Permanent If Rage Enraged
Recharge: Short rest
Relentless Endurance Relentless Endurance Level 1 Half-Orc Passive Recharge: Long rest
Lathander's Blessing The Blood of Lathander Passive 2d6hit points
+1d6hit points to allies within 9 m / 30 ft