Duergar Antidote

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Antidote Icon.png

Duergar Antidote is a Utility Potion and a story item.

Concocted of rare ingredients that hasten the drinker's demise unless mixed correctly.

Where to Find

Dropped by Gekh Coal at the beach in the Underdark and by Skickpit in Grymforge.

Properties[edit source]

  • Potions Icon.png Potions
  • Consumables Icon.png Single Use
  • Rarity Icon.png Rarity: Story Item
  • Weight Icon.png Weight: 0.2 kg / 0.4 lb
  • Gold Icon.png Price: 45  gp


Bonus Action Icon.png Bonus Action

This potion can alternatively be thrown.

Action Icon.png Action

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

This potion can be used to cure Thulla for the quest Cure the Poisoned Gnome, though a common Antidote will also do the trick.