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Skickpit is a member of Clan Ironhand who was captured by duergar slavers, and is being forced to work for the Cult of the Absolute in the Abandoned Refuge.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Skickpit will initially be just outside the elevator which leads to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, being harassed by Ward Magmar and Ward Pistle. The player can later join in with harassing Skickpit, or try to assure him that they are trying to help. This will require a persuasion check, or if the player is Wyll, or a paladin or cleric under a good deity, Skickpit will believe them automatically.

Skickpit can be saved without combat by poisoning the "stained cask" near the stairs before climbing.

If the camp is cleared of Duergar, Skickpit can be told to join the other deep gnomes.

If the player interacts with the elevator, Skickpit may also warn them about travelling to the Shadow-Cursed Lands without a Moonlantern.