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Faithbreaker image

Faithbreaker is an uncommon +1 Warhammer that grants the Absolute Power weapon action, which deals additional Force damage and possibly pushes them back.

Description Icon.png

A hand-like brand stamped into the leather handle obscures the notches that would normally signify a hobgoblin's rank.


One-handed damage
D8 Bludgeoning.png 1d8 + 1 (2~9) + Strength modifier Damage TypesBludgeoning damage
Two-handed damage
D10 Bludgeoning.png 1d10 + 1 (2~11) + Strength modifier Damage TypesBludgeoning damage
Warhammers Warhammers
Rarity: Uncommon
Enchantment: + 1
Dippable Dippable
 Melee: 1.5 m / 5  ft
 Weight: 2.7 kg / 5.4 lb
Price: 300 gp
UID GOB_GoblinKing_Warhammer
UUID 37a29c63-3fcd-43bd-8021-c363dcc852bc

Weapon actions

Proficiency Icon.png If you have proficiency, equip in main hand to gain:

Backbreaker Backbreaker ()

Put extra force behind your strike to possibly knock your enemy Prone Prone.

Concussive Smash Concussive Smash ()

Hit an enemy with all your might to deal damage and possibly Daze Daze them.

Weakening Strike Weakening Strike ()

Target an enemy's hands with a non-lethal attack and possibly inflict Weak Grip Weak Grip.

Special weapon actions

This weapon also grants the following:

Absolute Power Absolute Power ()

A surge of Divine energy accompanies your swing. It deals an additional 1d6Damage TypesForce damage and possibly pushes your target back 5 m / 17 ft.

Where to find

Dropped by Dror Ragzlin in the Shattered Sanctum X: 297 Y: 40.


  • The Absolute Power weapon action granted by this weapon also adds your strength modifier to its damage a second time.

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