Shattered Sanctum

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The map screen of Shattered Sanctum

The Shattered Sanctum (also known as The Temple of Selûne) is a location within the Wilderness in Act One. It is the interior area of the Goblin Camp, and leads to the Defiled Temple and Worg Pens.

War Drums scattered throughout the ruined temple will turn the entire population hostile, if played.

Worg Pens
Defiled Temple Shattered Sanctum
Goblin Camp

Connected locations[edit | edit source]

  • Goblin Camp
    • Through Heavy Oak Doors X: 297 Y: -85
    • Through Collapsed Corridor X: 312 Y: -31 (Wall in goblin camp must be broken first)
  • Defiled Temple
    • Through Priestess's ChambersX: 253 Y: -7
    • Through Cave Mouth X: 283 Y: 15

Overview[edit | edit source]

Entryway[edit | edit source]

The main entrance from the Goblin Camp leads directly into here. With six goblins guarding here, there is no way to get by them outside of using Invisibility. Approaching will lead to you being questioned by Warrior Trinzas, who can be bypassed through a variety of skill checks, or by being a Drow (or disguised disguised as a Drow). If you have also progressed Save the Goblin Sazza, Sazza will help you bypass this point.

Centre[edit | edit source]

The shrine to the Absolute in the Shattered Sanctum.

Branding station[edit | edit source]

On of the largest sections of the Sanctum where Priestess Gut brands new devotees to the Absolute. Here you can meet the cult leader to get the Brand of the Absolute. If the priestess becomes indisposed for one reason or another, Warlock Greez can brand members of the party.

Spider pit[edit | edit source]

Just north of Gut's shrine is a large spider pit, where the goblins toss in prisoners. If the party ventures into the pit using the lever-operated Iron Gate (X: 298 Y: 0), they can talk to the pit's denizens Larger Giant Spider and Smaller Giant Spider. The spiders can be convinced to spare the party and instead attack the goblins.

A cave passage within the pit connects to the prison cell in the Defiled Temple.

West[edit | edit source]

Zhent storeroom[edit | edit source]

Starting from the southeastern corner, you will find Roah Moonglow, a Zhentarim trader alongside some of her partners. She is a useful Trader who can reappear in Act Two at Moonrise Towers. Behind her is a storeroom holding the cult's large supply of Firewine and Smokepowder Barrels. There are six of each, more than enough for setting up an explosive trap. Besides fighting past the guards, one can jump down from the rafters above; alternatively small-sized characters can fit through a Rocky Crevice (X: 255 Y: -42) from the Defiled Temple (Temple coordinates:X: 422 Y: 17). Miscellaneous crates in the room can also be searched for grenades and weapon coatings, and a locked chest ( DC 18 Sleight of Hand check) can be picked for several hundred gold.

Gut's room[edit | edit source]

Further north is Gut's workroom, where she'll lead a party member as part of her trap. If you don't want to drink her potion, she can be safely killed here so long as she doesn't get the chance to Call for Help Call for Help. One way to guarantee this is to literally stymie her screams by casting Silence Silence. There is also a way into the locked storeroom through the rafters here, reachable by someone with decent Strength or mobility spells such as Enhance Leap.

East[edit | edit source]

"Pigeon" cage[edit | edit source]

Gribbo keeps her "pigeon" Volo locked up in a cage at X: 332 Y: -9. The party can trick Gribbo into negotiating his release with an ability check. When Volo is freed, he will immediately head to the party's campsite.

North of this room is the rickety wooden walkway leading to the Worg Pens. An iron ladder on the west side of this room connects of Minthara's room.

Loviatar's lounge[edit | edit source]

In a chamber on the east side of the initiation hall is a shrine dedicated to Loviatar, occupied by her servant Abdirak. Abdirak can give the player character the permanent bonus Loviatar's Love Loviatar's Love, provided they subject themselves to his sadomasochistic religious ritual and successfully pass a series of ability checks.

Torture rack[edit | edit source]

Liam, the unfortunate straggler from Aradin's adventuring party, is tied to the torture rack at X: 336 Y: -34. He can be spoken to privately by intimidating or manipulating Torturer Spike into shirking his duties. Spike and Lookout Gresh will go next door, into Abdirak's room, if convinced to stop torturing Liam. Alternatively, the party can choose to torture Liam, and if successful he will reveal the location of the Grove. Spike will then report the information to Minthara, and the party can then talk to Liam and choose to free him.

North[edit | edit source]

Ragzlin's throne[edit | edit source]

Dror Ragzlin's throne room lies at the north side of the temple. In it, the hobgoblin warlord communes with a Mind Flayer corpse. Taking part in this ritual will reveal much about the Cult of the Absolute, but requires ability checks to avoid incriminating yourself as their enemy. The room is layered with a web of shadowed rafters to allow for easy high-ground ambushing.

A glittering pile of loot and treasure lies at the far north end of the room, behind a locked iron gate ( DC 18 Sleight of hand check or use Dror Ragzlin's Key).

Minthara's war room[edit | edit source]

The ruthless Drow True Soul Minthara and the goblin bosses Zurga, Skrut, and Rozzak reside in the room directly to the east of the throne room. The room is split by a rickety wooden bridge, held up by destructible wooden supports, and patrolled by a Scrying Eye that broadcasts activity to the Cult of the Absolute's shadowy leadership. Talking to Minthara will give the party the option to reveal the location of the Emerald Grove and launch a raid, either to defeat the goblin forces away from their home turf, or to crush the druids and tieflings in earnest.

Be warned that if the party saved Sazza earlier, she will reveal the location of the druid grove automatically, provided the party doesn't kill her through the dialogue with Minthara or use a specific dialogue option (I will have nothing to do with this then I have to do something first, which will also unlock the opportunity to save both Sazza and Minthara). Once the grove's location has been revealed, one way or another, the raid will take place after the next long rest. If the party kill or knock out Minthara and kill Dror Ragzlin and Gut all before a long rest then the raid won't happen anymore.

An iron ladder on the east side of the room connects to the Worg Pens antechamber.

Notable characters[edit | edit source]

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Item Location
Absolute's Talisman Looted from Priestess Gut
Absolute's Warboard Looted from Priestess Gut
Amulet of Selûne's Chosen Looted from the treasure crates at X: 297 Y: 68
Assassin's Touch Rewarded for completing Save the Goblin Sazza, upon speaking to Minthara
Boots of Striding Looted from Minthara
Faithbreaker Looted from Dror Ragzlin
Gloves of the Growling Underdog Looted from the treasure crates at X: 297 Y: 68
Jagged Spear Standing up by the torture rack at X: 336 Y: -34
Loviatar's Scourge Looted from Abdirak at X: 338 Y: -22
Ritual Axe On a table beside Abdirak at X: 337 Y: -26
Ritual Dagger On a table beside Abdirak at X: 337 Y: -26
Ring of Poison Resistance On a skeleton in a sarcophagus at X: 338 Y: 15[1]
Spidersilk Armour Looted from Minthara
Springstep Boots Looted from the treasure crates at X: 297 Y: 68
The Watersparkers In a Gilded Chest at X: 339 Y: 41
Xyanyde Looted from Minthara

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Can be easily missed, as this skeleton is not highlighted when showing item labels.

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