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Githyanki Parry

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Githyanki Parry is an NPC-exclusive passive feature and reaction that allows githyanki warriors to parry attacks with their greatswords, reducing incoming damage by 10.


Parry unarmed and weapon attacks to reduce their damage by 10.

You must be wielding a Greatsword and you can't be Incapacitated, Blinded[See Notes], or Restrained.



Condition: Ready To Parry

Ready to Parry Ready to Parry

Duration: 1 turn

How to learn


  • This feature is only available to githyanki NPCs.
  • The in-game description has the requirement that the NPC must "see the attacker" which actually means that it can't be blinded. Githyanki Parry works against characters which are hidden.
  • At higher difficulty settings, Veteran Warriors will instead have Supreme Githyanki Parry Supreme Githyanki Parry.