Glyph of Warding: Fire

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Glyph of Warding: Fire is a level 3 abjuration spell. This spell is a variant of the Level 3 Abjuration Spell, Glyph of Warding Glyph of Warding. This variant of the spell allows spellcasters to inscribe a ward that explodes and deals Fire damage to enemies when triggered.


The glyph explodes, dealing Damage TypesFire damage to enemies in the vicinity. Creatures who pass the Dexterity saving throw still take half damage.

The glyph will last until triggered, or until a Long Rest.

Only one glyph can be active at a time.


Action + Level 3 Spell Slot
D8 Fire.png 5d8 (5~40) Damage TypesFire damage
CON Save
 Range: 9 m / 30 ft
AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Radius)

At higher levels

Upcast: Casting this spell at a higher level deals an extra 1d8Damage TypesFire damage for each Spell Slot Level above 3rd.

How to learn

This spell is a variation of:
Glyph of Warding Glyph of Warding


  • Only those considered an enemy can trigger the glyph. For the player's party this is indicated via a red circle beneath the creature, red outlines when highlighted, and denoted by a red dot on the minimap. Neutral, friendly, and allied creatures (highlighted yellow/green/blue respectively) can safely go through the glyph.
    • This makes using the glyph as a trap difficult for many encounters. Specifically, those that normally only consider creatures hostile after dialogue.
  • When the glyph is triggered, everyone within the area is affected, regardless of allegiance.
  • When the spellcaster is surrounded by enemies, sometimes it is worth throwing the glyph down right at their feet.


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