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Oil of Combustion

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Oil of Combustion image

Oil of Combustion is a Consumable(Coating). It can be applied to a weapon to give it special properties for ten turns or thrown as a Grenade to inflict its effects in an area.

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'Look, it's perfectly simple. You just coat the person in the oil, like so. Then you strike a match, like s- oh bugger.' - Bufort Iggles, The Unfortunate


  • Coatings
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Rare
  •  Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
  • Price: 30 gp
  • UID ALCH_Solution_Oil_Combustion
    UUID bb750807-895b-468d-81e1-4378797d11ca


Bonus action Coat your active weapon with oil.

Condition: Coated in Oil of Combustion

Coated in Oil of Combustion Coated in Oil of Combustion

Duration: 10 turns

  • Coated in flammable oil.
  • On a hit, the target is doused in oil for 2 turns. If it takes Damage TypesFire damage, the oil immolates, dealing 3d6Damage TypesFire damage in an area around it.

Condition: Oil of Combustion

Oil of Combustion Oil of Combustion

Duration: 2 turns

  • If the affected entity takes Damage TypesFire damage, it deals 3d6Damage TypesFire in AoE: 3 m / 10 ft (Radius) area.

Where to find


Weapon attacks can apply and ignite Oil of Combustion if they also inflict Fire damage. Known ways to add Fire damage to any weapon (non-exhaustive):

The name of the ingredient is not exactly the same as the extract.