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Pale Oak is a rare Quarterstaff obtainable only by Druids as a quest reward.

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Infused with Silvanus' strength, these staves are gifted to Faithwardens who act in defence of nature.


Special[edit source]

The holder of this item gains:

Main Hand Only

Where to find

Obtained as a reward for completing the quest Investigate Kagha and both persuading and sparing Kagha, which must be completed before the quest Rescue the Druid Halsin. In this scenario, Kagha will give you the Pale Oak.

If Kagha is killed, then all of the shadow druids and rogue Emerald Grove druids must also be defeated including Loic and Marcoryl. If Marcoryl isn't in the main chamber, he will likely be in the Servant's Quarters and will attack on sight after Khaga is defeated. In this scenario, Rath will give you the Pale Oak.

This reward is available only to Druids.

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