Rallied (Condition)

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Status groups Status groups: SG_RemoveOnRespec

Stack priority Stack priority: 8


Conditions with the same stack ID

Conditions with the stack ID TEMPORARY_HP, only one of these can be applied at the same time:

Condition Effects

Armour of Agathys (Condition) Armour of Agathys

Gained x Temporary Hit Points. If hit with a melee attack, the attacker takes x Cold damage and this effect ends.

Bear's Endurance (Condition) Bear's Endurance

False Life (Condition) False Life

Gigantic Endurance (Condition) Gigantic Endurance

Heroic (Condition) Heroic

Heroism (Condition) Heroism

Inspiring Resolve (Condition) Inspiring Resolve

Myrkul's Gift (Condition) Myrkul's Gift

  • Blessed by a Mistress of Souls until its next Long Rest, the affected entity gains HP Icon.png 10 temporary hit points, and creatures that strike them with a melee attack while the temporary hit points are active take 10Damage TypesCold damage.

Rallied (Endgame) (Condition) Rallied

  • The galvanising word and will of Duke Ravengard runs hot through your veins - granting you 30 temporary hit points.

Rallied (Condition) Rallied

Refreshed (Condition) Refreshed

Stormheart Resolve (Condition) Stormheart Resolve

Temporary Hit Points (Condition) Temporary Hit Points

Tharchiate Vigour (Condition) Tharchiate Vigour

Volatile Shield (Condition) Volatile Shield

  • Affected entity has been granted temporary hit points by an illithid. If these are removed by incoming damage, the shield bursts, possibly Stunning Stunning nearby foes.
  • The shield only bursts after all temporary hit points have been removed. This also removes the condition.
  • When the shield bursts, enemies within 9 m / 30 ft are Stunned Stunned for 1 turn, unless they succeed on an DC 15  Intelligence saving throw.

Withering Barrier (Condition) Withering Barrier

  • If the affected entity is hit with a melee attack while it still has temporary hit points, it deals 1d6Damage TypesPiercing to creatures within 3 m / 10 ft.

Sources of Rallied