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SG_Disease is a status group.

List of conditions in SG_Disease[edit source]

Condition Effects

Crawling Gnaw (Condition) Crawling Gnaw

  • Target is inflicted with zombie mucus. If the affected entity dies before the infection wears off, it will temporarily rise as a Newborn Zombie.
  • Newborn Zombies are statistically the same as the Summoned Zombie, except that they only have 10 Hit Points, and they have the condition Newborn Zombie Newborn Zombie, causing them to take 1Damage TypesNecrotic damage per turn.
  • Newborn Zombies will follow the original Summoned Zombie.

Feverish (Condition) Feverish

Filth Fever (Condition) Filth Fever

  • Duration: 25 turns

Flesh Rot (Condition) Flesh Rot

Flesh is decaying.

Harm (Condition) Harm

  • Affected entity's maximum Hit Points have been reduced by the damage inflicted by the Harm spell
  • This condition is a Disease

Infected (Condition) Infected

Infested (Condition) Infested

  • Crawling with tiny spiders that deal 1d4 Piercing damage and 1d4 Poison damage each turn.
  • When hit with a melee attack, the infestation spreads to the attacker. Upon death, the infestation spreads to all nearby creatures.
  • Removed by fire or acid.
  • Doesn't harm ettercaps or spiders.
  • At the start of your turn, you can make a new Saving Throw to try and remove the infection.

Rotting (Condition) Rotting

Open wound is starting to rot.

Sea Plague (Condition) Sea Plague

Beaded and adrip with thick oily sweat, the affected entity has Disadvantage on Checks, Saving Throws, and Attack Rolls using Strength.

Septic (Condition) Septic

Affected entity has its Constitution reduced by 1, and has Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Constitution Saving throws

Stricken With Blinding Sickness (Condition) Stricken With Blinding Sickness

Stricken With Filth Fever (Condition) Stricken With Filth Fever

Stricken With Flesh Rot (Condition) Stricken With Flesh Rot

Stricken With Mindfire (Condition) Stricken With Mindfire

Stricken With Seizures (Condition) Stricken With Seizures

Stricken With Slimy Doom (Condition) Stricken With Slimy Doom