Smokepowder Satchel

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Throwable Smokepowder Satchel Icon.png

Smokepowder Satchel is a common Consumable that can be ignited to explode, dealing devastating damage.

This leather bag is packed tight with acrid-smelling black grains.

Where to Find

Properties[edit source]

  • Consumables Icon.png Consumables
  • Consumables Icon.png Single Use
  • Rarity Icon.png Rarity: Common
  • Weight Icon.png Weight: 0.3 kg / 0.6 lb
  • Gold Icon.png Price: 410  gp


  • When ignited by a source of fire, the satchel explodes.
    • Aoe Icon.png AoE: 6 m / 20 ft (Radius)
    • D4 Force.png 3d4 + 9 (12~21) Damage Types Force
      damage (Saving Throw Icons.png DEX Save, DC 12, to halve)
    • Also creates a Smokepowder Surface, which immediately explodes, causing the following effects:

Smokepowder Satchel can also be thrown for a lesser effect.

Action Icon.png Action
  • Throw Icon.png Throw the satchel to break it, creating an explosive surface.
    • Aoe Icon.png AoE: 6 m / 20 ft (Cube)
    • Creates an explosive Smokepowder Surface
    • (This surface must be ignited by a source of fire to have any effect)