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An Area describes a space that has special effects on creatures that enter it. They can be generated by items, spells, or creature actions. Areas have properties that describe them.

Area types[edit | edit source]

There are different types of areas, which have different properties and interactions.

Surface[edit | edit source]

Main article: Surface

An area that exists as a flat layer on the floor. The effects of surfaces can be avoided by flying over them with things like Fly Fly or Tempestuous Magic: Flight Tempestuous Magic: Flight. Surfaces include Acid Surface or Ice Surface, and can also include spells such as Web Web. These areas can be examined in-game and will display as a Surface.

Examples of surfaces are: Ice, Acid and Grease

Cloud[edit | edit source]

An area that exists as a cloud above the floor. They can be blown away with Gust of Wind Gust of Wind. These areas can be examined in-game and will display as a Cloud.

Examples of clouds are: Fog

Summoned[edit | edit source]

Areas that show up in the combat log as being summoned. Summoned areas generally work by applying a condition to creatures that enter them. Summoned areas can be placed on top of each other, but cannot stack with identical areas as a creature can only have one instance of the applied conditions at a time. These areas cannot be examined in-game, but may have a condition representing them found on their source spell different from the one applied when entering.

Examples of summoned areas are: Hunger of Hadar.

Area interactions[edit | edit source]

There are multiple types of interactions found in-game that can alter areas. These are found as the SurfaceChange() function. Not all interactions work with all surfaces, see "Interactions" on an area page to see what it interacts with and how.

These values are from ValueLists.txt:

Value Description Example Can be found on
Ignite Explodes the area or sets it on fire. Can explode Smokepowder and turn multiple surfaces into Fire. Fire Bolt Fire Bolt
Douse Extinguishes fire Can remove Fire Ray of Frost Ray of Frost
Electrify Makes the surface electric. Can turn Water into Electrified Water. Shocking Grasp Shocking Grasp
Freeze Freezes the area. Can turn Water to Ice. Ray of Frost Ray of Frost
Melt Melt a surface. Can turn Ice to Water. Fire Bolt Fire Bolt
Vaporize Vaporizes a surface.
DestroyWater Destroys water Removes Water Destroy Water Destroy Water
Daylight Daylight Daylight