Crown of Madness

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Crown of Madness is a Level 2 Enchantment Spell. This spell allows spellcasters to temporarily charm a humanoid creature and induce madness in their mind. The affected creature will make a melee attack against any creature within its reach.


Instill madness in a humanoid enemy, making them attack the creature closest to them (other than you), even if it's allied.


Action + Level 2 Spell Slot
Range: 18 m / 60 ft
Concentration Concentration

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

Condition: Crown of Madness

Crown of MadnessCrown of Madness
Duration: 3 turns Wisdom saving throw
  • Instilled with magical madness. Will attack the nearest creature, other than the spellcaster.

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