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Cursed: Strength (Condition)

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Condition Type Icon.pngCursed



Status groups Status groups: SG_Cursed

Loses duration Loses duration: start of turn

More properties More properties:

Conditions with the same stack ID

Conditions with the stack ID BESTOW_CURSE, only one of these can be applied at the same time:

Condition Effects

Cursed: Additional Damage (Condition) Cursed: Additional Damage

  • Receives an additional 1d8Damage TypesNecrotic damage from the spellcaster's attacks or spells.

Cursed: Attack Disadvantage (Condition) Cursed: Attack Disadvantage

Cursed: Charisma (Condition) Cursed: Charisma

Cursed: Constitution (Condition) Cursed: Constitution

Cursed: Dexterity (Condition) Cursed: Dexterity

Cursed: Dread (Condition) Cursed: Dread

Cursed: Intelligence (Condition) Cursed: Intelligence

Cursed: Strength (Condition) Cursed: Strength

Cursed: Wisdom (Condition) Cursed: Wisdom

Sources of Cursed: Strength