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TickingWithSource is a status property.

List of conditions with TickingWithSource[edit source]

Condition Effects

Abjure Enemy: Frightened (Condition) Abjure Enemy: Frightened

Aegis of the Absolute (Condition) Aegis of the Absolute

  • The Netherbrain is Immune to all types of damage it took in the previous round until the start of its next turn.

Animalistic Vitality (Condition) Animalistic Vitality

  • Affected entity regains 1d8hit points of health every round when below 60 HP. It also receives an additional 3.5 m / 12 ft of movement speed. [See Notes]

Bhaalist Ritual Target (Condition) Bhaalist Ritual Target

  • As part of the challenge to enter the temple, the affected entity has become the target of a chanting cultist, the Farslayer, who can cast Bhaal's Power Word Kill Bhaal's Power Word Kill once its profane ritual ends. Exiting the Farslayer's chanting range of 55 m / 183 ft makes you invulnerable to the effect. Slaying the Farslayer stops the ritual and wins the conflict.

Bone Chilled (Condition) Bone Chilled

Brittle (Condition) Brittle

Chain of Tyranny (Condition) Chain of Tyranny

  • Affected entity has only half its movement speed. When the chain breaks, it'll take 8d8Damage TypesForce damage.

Constricted (Condition) Constricted

Curse of the Dire Raven (Condition) Curse of the Dire Raven

Cursed: Additional Damage (Condition) Cursed: Additional Damage

  • Receives an additional 1d8Damage TypesNecrotic damage from the spellcaster's attacks or spells.

Cursed: Attack Disadvantage (Condition) Cursed: Attack Disadvantage

Cursed: Charisma (Condition) Cursed: Charisma

Cursed: Constitution (Condition) Cursed: Constitution

Cursed: Dexterity (Condition) Cursed: Dexterity

Cursed: Intelligence (Condition) Cursed: Intelligence

Cursed: Strength (Condition) Cursed: Strength

Cursed: Wisdom (Condition) Cursed: Wisdom

Deadly Orders (Condition) Deadly Orders

  • Affected entity was ordered to attack a specific enemy.
  • It is more likely to target this enemy, and Attack Rolls against the enemy have Advantage Icon.png Advantage.

Devoured Intellect (Condition) Devoured Intellect

Distracted (Condition) Distracted

Not paying any attention to their surroundings.

The distractor's allies have Advantage Icon.png Advantage on their next Attack Roll against the creature.

Exploding Flumph (Condition) Exploding Flumph

  • This spirit will explode at the end of the turn. Each creature within 2 m / 7 ft must succeed a Dexterity Saving throw or take 1d6Damage TypesForce.

Explosion Imminent! (Condition) Explosion Imminent!

Exposing Bite (Condition) Exposing Bite

  • Creature is distracted. The next attack against the creature from within 1.5 m / 5 ft is guaranteed to be a critical hit.

Frightened (Condition) Frightened

Grappled (Condition) Grappled

  • At the start of each turn, the target makes a Strength saving throw to attempt to free themselves. On a failed save, they take 2d6Damage TypesPsychic.

Guiding Bolt (Condition) Guiding Bolt

The next Attack roll made against this creature has Advantage Icon.png Advantage.

Heat Metal (Condition) Heat Metal

  • Heats up a metal weapon or armour on a creature with no save (weapon is automatically prioritized).
  • Metal weapons are dropped if the creature holding it fails their initial Saving throw.
  • If the creature is touching the heated metal item, they receive Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Attack rolls and Ability Checks.
  • Each subsequent turn, if the creature is still touching the metal, the spellcaster can use Reapply Heat Metal Reapply Heat Metal to deal another 2d8Damage TypesFire damage, forcing the creature to pass a Saving Throw again or drop the item (if it is a metal weapon).

Hypnotised (Condition) Hypnotised

Lured (Condition) Lured

  • Attracted to a harpy's luring melody. The affected entity will use its turn to move closer to the harpy, allowing her to make multiple attacks each turn.
  • Affected target gets a DC 13  Wisdom saving throw on their turn.
  • Being attacked or Shoved will remove the condition.

Prime Target (Condition) Prime Target

  • You have drawn Grym's ire.
  • Grym will attempt to attack this creature if possible.

Ray of Frost (Condition) Ray of Frost

Septic (Condition) Septic

Affected entity has its Constitution reduced by 1, and has Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Constitution Saving throws

Shredded Armour (Condition) Shredded Armour

Soulnumbed (Condition) Soulnumbed

Surgeon's Chosen (Condition) Surgeon's Chosen

  • Carrying the implement requested by the Surgeon to complete its surgery.

Witch Bolt (Condition) Witch Bolt

  • The spellcaster can use an Action each turn to activate the arc linking it to this creature to automatically deal 1d12Damage TypesLightning damage.