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For the Way of the Shadow Monk feature, see Shadow Arts: Darkvision Shadow Arts: Darkvision. For the Level 2 spell, see Darkvision (spell) Darkvision (spell).

Darkvision is a passive feature that prevents Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage when attacking creatures in the dark within 12 m / 40 ft, 24 m / 80 ft for Superior Darkvision Superior Darkvision.


Can see in the dark up to 12m.

How to learn


("Character level" is the sum of all class levels for a multi-classed character.)

Granted by the Items: Sunwalker's GiftSunwalker's Gift, Elixir of Elven EleganceElixir of Elven Elegance, Selûne's Spear of NightSelûne's Spear of Night, and Elixir of DarkvisionElixir of Darkvision


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